Bone Grafting in Edinburg, TX

Ridge Preservation

Why do I need a bone graft?
Bone grafts are used in a variety of ways. In some cases bone grafts are done to preserve bone following extractions and in other instances we use bone grafts to grown bone in areas that have lost bone over time.
Often, this is needed to restore the jaw before dental implants can be placed.

What types of procedures involve bone grafting?
Ridge preservation grafts are done following extractions to preserve bone and make for a solid foundation for a dental implant in the future.
Ridge augmentations are done to increase bone in areas that have lost bone over time and sinus augmentations are needed in some instances to create room for an implant.

Do bone grafts hurt?
Bone grafts do not hurt and are used after finishing procedures such as implants or extractions.

Sinus Lift

Why do I need a Sinus Lift?
In some cases, tooth loss can result in your sinus pneumatizing (lowering) and not leave enough space to place a dental implant. We add bone to the floor of the sinus to create room to place a dental implant.

Does a Sinus Lift Hurt?
Most patients report minimal discomfort and following a sinus lift and in some cases, dental implants can be placed on the day of a sinus lift.

Does a Sinus Lift affect my Allergies?
No, a sinus lift should not affect allergies or the way a patient breathes.

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