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6 Common Dental Emergencies That Can Happen Anytime

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6 Common Dental Emergencies that Can Happen 

Tooth emergencies can occur suddenly and abruptly. Knowing how to respond to a dental emergency can facilitate the severity and aid your recovery. Below are common dental emergencies that need you to see an emergency dentist in Edinburg, TX, as soon as possible.

1. Soft Tissue Injury

There are a lot of soft tissues that make up your mouth which are your lips, gums, tongue, and the interior of your cheeks. Whenever one of these tissue structures is wounded, it can easily become infected.

If you’ve experienced punctures, tears, or even ripping, it’s essential to rinse the area with warm water and put pressure to stop the bleeding. You must get the help of a professional to have the issue professionally assessed. Emergency dentists in Edinburg, TX, can properly clean the area to contain an infection from happening.

2. Loose Tooth

If you go to bite down and realize that one of your teeth appears to be moving, it’s essential to evaluate it gently. If you can freely swing your tooth around in your mouth, it needs to get assessed by a dental professional instantly.

You never want to let this issue continue, as the tooth could entirely fall out. An Edinburg emergency dentist can sanitize the site and work to reattach the tooth successfully. Time is of the essence when it comes to dealing with an emergency like a loose tooth.

3. Oral Abscess

Presumably one of the most unfortunate reasons you’ll end up at an emergency dentist is that you have an abscess in your mouth. It is simply an infection at the tooth root or in the space between the teeth and gums.

It is a severe oral condition that can impact the rest of your body if left untreated for a long time. You’ll notice an abscess by its physical appearance of a pimple-like swollen spot on your gums. You can rinse your mouth with water and ice to help get some temporary comfort until you reach our emergency dentistry in Edinburg. TX.

4. Knocked-Out Tooth

Another common reason you may need to end up at an emergency dental office is due to a knocked-out tooth. It happens when there is a force applied to the face, like trauma to the jaw. You’ll have to immediately find the knocked-out tooth and clean it off the root side of it. Be sure that you avoid any scrubbing or removing of any connected tissue pieces as they can be reused to reattach the tooth in your gum.

You can store the tooth in a container full of milk to help to preserve it until you make it to our emergency dentistry in Edinburg, TX. In this scenario, the faster you get there, the more likely our emergency dentist can reattach the knocked-out tooth.

5. Broken Orthodontics

Many individuals use orthodontics to help straighten their teeth. Unfortunately, orthodontic devices or braces can sometimes break. When this happens, it can be damaging to the inside of your cheeks and gums. For instance, if one of the wires breaks on your braces, it can scratch your cheek or gum and create more discomfort in your mouth. It’s best to bend the broken wire into a comfortable position and cover it with orthodontic wax until you can see your Edinburg emergency dentist.

6. Severe Tooth Decay

If your tooth has severely decayed, it needs to be restored sooner rather than later. Letting decayed teeth progress can ruin the tooth and create a large disease that spreads throughout your gums. If you can physically see the presence of decay on the exterior of your tooth, a dental professional should immediately address it.

Contact Edinburg Emergency Dentist 

Dental emergencies can happen to anyone & anywhere, even if you be cautious there are chances you may face one. However, the emergency dentist in Edinburg, TX, are always ready to help you whenever you need them. We are just a call away, reach our dental office when you encounter any oral emergency. 

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