Deep Cleaning Your Teeth in Edinburg, TX

Scaling & Root Planing

Scaling & Root planing is a deep teeth cleaning that cleans your gum lines, tooth pockets, and other structures of the teeth. This is typically needed for treating and fighting gum disease resulting from plaque and tartar buildup. When gingivitis and periodontitis (gum disease) occur, there is plaque colonized deep inside your gum tissues. This results from your body destroying its very own gums. Deep cleaning with scaling & root planing can bring better dental stability.

What causes gum disease?

Plaque that is left undisturbed turns to tartar, which is impossible to clean without the help of your local dental professional. In addition, diabetics and smokers have a high prevalence of gum disease. It is estimated that 47% of the population in the United States has gum disease, also known as periodontitis.

Why do I need a deep cleaning?

A deep cleaning, also called scaling and root planing, is done to remove infectious bacteria underneath your gums. Periodontists spend an additional three years training in diagnosing and treating gum disease.

What if my deep cleaning didn’t work?

In many instances, patients will respond very well to deep cleaning; however, some areas do not respond as well and may require surgical intervention. Our surgeons can help diagnose if additional therapy is needed due to persistent bleeding gums.

What if I’m nervous?

Our surgeons are licensed to administer IV sedation to help relieve your anxiety and give you a wonderful experience during your dental procedure.

Our dentists provide deep cleaning in Edinburg & McAllen, TX, to clean your gum lines and other parts of your teeth. So visit our dental office today to get healthy teeth & gums.

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