Why should I see a periodontist for extractions?
A periodontist is a specialized surgeon that deals with both the hard and soft tissue. Our specialists have extensive training in removing teeth as well as figuring out replacement options such as dental implants.

Why do I need an extraction?
Impacted wisdom teeth, decay, a fractured tooth, gum disease, and tooth pain.

What type of extractions do we do?
We extract all teeth including impacted wisdom teeth.

Why do I need my wisdom teeth out?
In many instances we don’t have enough room for our wisdom teeth to fit into our mouth. Impacted wisdom teeth can cause pain and damage to the tooth in front of them.

What can I do to replace my missing tooth?
In certain instances a dental implant can be placed at the time of extraction. If this option is unavailable, a bone graft may be needed to prepare the site for implant placement. After 3-4 months of healing, most patients are ready for placement of a dental implant.

What if I’m nervous?
Our surgeons are credentialed to offer IV sedation so that you can have a calm and relaxing experience.

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