Gummy Smile Treatment in Edinburg, TX

What Is a Gummy Smile?
A Gummy Smile is a common condition where, during a smile, the gums are revealed more than many would like for themselves. This is also known as “excessive gingival display”. Whether you personally consider your smile to be “too gummy” or not is mainly a matter of personal aesthetics, as opposed to a health-critical dental condition. However, just know that this is very common.

How do I fix my gummy smile?
This procedure exposes more of the tooth, reshaping the gums for a natural look. This allows teeth that may appear smaller than they are appear as desired. Excess gum tissue is removed, which will reshape your gumline. Not only does this provide you with a fuller smile, but also reduces the risk of gum disease. Additionally, this procedure can improve the gum structure for dental implants, crowns and other restorative procedures that you may need.
If you have teeth that appear short, our surgeons can complete a procedure called crown lengthening. The procedure takes approximately one hour and you’ll be going home with a new beautiful smile.

Does this procedure hurt?
There is no pain during the procedure and most patients experience minimal soreness one to two days following the procedure.

What if I’m nervous?
Our surgeons are licensed to administer IV sedation to let you comfortably sleep through your dental procedure.

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