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Every dentist suggests visiting your nearest dental office twice every year to keep your oral health in check. Those who ignore this advice end up getting oral infection & when it is not treated on time can grow into a serious issue. One of the major issues is gum disease which can also put your overall health at risk. So, when this happens you need a periodontist to treat you & restore your oral health

About Our McAllen Periodontist 

At, Cornerstone Periodontics & Implant Dentistry, our periodontists have been serving patients in McAllen with quality oral care for more than a decade now. As a well-known Periodontist in McAllen, we have been successful in performing several dental restorative procedures and periodontal surgeries in the city. Thanks to the dedication and achievements of our McAllen periodontists, many people are visiting our dental office from nearby communities for their dental health needs.

We perform several treatments for gum-related issues. Our McAllen periodontist uses a laser to cure gum diseases and perform gum tissue grafting. Also, we do bone grafting to regenerate bone for our patients who have lost supporting bone due to tooth loss. Our advanced dental tools and the knowledge of our periodontists are the two main reasons behind our success as a dental practice in McAllen, TX.

Our dentists are experienced in replacing one or more teeth using dental implant surgery. Patients that walk into our office with a missing tooth and walk out with complete mouth restoration. As one of the best forms of teeth restoration in restorative dentistry, our dental implants have worked well with many patients.

Our purpose is to spread awareness about our dental care services in McAllen, TX. We believe in helping you prevent dental issues and restore a healthy smile. Our periodontists also suggest our patients maintain proper oral hygiene regimens and routine dental visits to prevent dental diseases that can become severe. At Cornerstone Periodontics & Implant Dentistry, we help our patients how to clean their teeth and gums and warn them of signs of gum infection. Detecting dental issues at earlier phases can help us quickly fix many dental problems. 

The Major Dental Care Servies McAllen Periodontist Offers-

Dental Implants Treatment:

LASER Periodontal Therapy:

Gum Grafting:

Gingival Surgery:

Deep Cleaning:

Bone Grafting:

Tooth Care:

Reasons To Visit Our McAllen Periodontist

Periodontal disease is a developing condition that starts with mild gum inflammation called gingivitis. It is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults and should be taken very seriously. Gum disease is typically signified by red, puffy, sore, or bleeding gums, but in some cases, has no evident signs.

Periodontal disease typically starts when the bacteria living in plaque generate an infection in the surrounding tissues of the teeth, causing them to get irritated and painful. Ultimately, this infection will drive the jawbone to recede and the tooth to get loose.

It is the stage where you will want to consult with a periodontist to restore your oral health, but we suggest if you detect any sign of gingivitis, contact your McAllen periodontist first. You can also call us at (956) 955-8014 or book your appointment online. 

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