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What You Should Ask During Your Consultation With A Sedation Dentist

Sedation Dentistry


Things To Ask Your Sedation Dentist Before The Processor 

People who get nervous about obtaining dental treatment can get the care they require by visiting a sedation dentist in Edinburg, TX. Dentists use medication to help ease anxiety in patients for dental procedures.

The medication that a sedation dentist uses alters depending on the approach. However, they are secure and usually do not have substantial side effects.

Questions you must ask your sedation dentist before undergoing treatment.

Before you decide to get treatment from a sedation dentist, they must ask as many questions as they can. To know what to anticipate during the treatment. Some of the questions to ask include:

What types of sedation do you offer?

It is crucial to know the sort of sedation the dentist will employ for the procedure if in case, the patient has a medical issue that can lead to a negative response to the medication. Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, oral sedatives, & IV sedatives, is the most common type of sedation dentists use. Yet, not every dentist offers these choices.


Patients should ask their dentist what they suggest and why. In some cases, a type of sedative may be more suitable for the patient’s specific requirements, but the dentist they are consulting to may not suggest it. Patients get advised to look for a dentist who offers various choices to ensure they get the right sedation for their requirements.

How much experience do you have?

Going to a sedation dentist with experience is essential. They have conducted multiple procedures while their patient was sedated and know what they are doing.

With sedation dentistry becoming more popular, more dentists are now offering it. However, not every dentist knows it. Patients should also ensure that the dentist they select is licensed to practice sedation dentistry.

Do I need someone to drive me home after the procedure?

If the sedation dentist advises the patient for sedation with nitrous oxide, then the patient will not need somebody to drive them back home from the dental office. The effects of the gas will wear off almost instantly after the procedure.

However, if the dentist sedates the patient with IV sedation, they will need a ride home. Patients should know the kind of sedation they will get and if they need somebody there with them before undergoing the procedure.

Are there any risks involved with the sedation?

Before undergoing a dental procedure, it is critical to know if any threats are concerned with the sedation the dentist intends to use. Patients should ask about the dangers involved. They will be able to make a well-planned decision about the approach.


A sedation dentist can help deal with the nervousness and worry people have when they have to experience a procedure at the dentist. If you get nervous about heading to the dentist, ask the dentist if they practice sedation dentistry in Edinburg.

At our dental office, Cornerstone Periodontics, we have an experienced team for sedation who can solve all your queries. Contact us & book an appointment to know about sedation dentistry in Edinburg, TX.

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