Tongue Tie Procedure in Edinburg, TX

A Tongue Tie is when a muscle, called a frenum, in certain instances causes too much resistance on the tongue not allowing the individual to touch the roof of their mouth. This laser treatment (also known as a laser Frenotomy) is minimally invasive, fast, has a reduced need for sutures and anesthetics, and most importantly – safe and easy to recover from!

When Can a Frenotomy Be Performed?

Many parents do not realize that Tongue Tie in Mcallen & Edinburg, TX, can be performed as early as a couple of days post-birth, but they can be performed at any point in a patient’s life.

Does a tongue tie affect speech?

In many instances, a speech pathologist will recommend a frenectomy as soon as possible so our patients can enunciate words properly

How is the procedure done?

The procedure is done in our office and takes between 5-7 minutes to complete with our safe dental laser which decreases bleeding, decreases pain, and increases recovery time. In certain instances, the procedure can be done without any shots due to the unique properties our laser offers.

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