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What Are The Benefits Of Teeth Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning

4 Useful Benefits of Teeth Deep Cleaning Regularly 

A lovely smile, fewer cavities, and dental plaque removal are all possible benefits of deep cleaning the teeth. Oral health experts also say that this therapy may help control gum disease and stop bad breath. 

What Exactly Is Deep Cleaning?

Most people are familiar with professional teeth cleaning, which helps decrease plaque and oral bacteria. Deep cleaning is even more effective. This periodontal therapy not only eradicates tartar and plaque but may also contain tooth loss. Over time, deep cleaning the teeth may reduce your risk of gingivitis. Plus, it may enhance your smile and lessen the symptoms of gum disease. 


Read on to find out more about Deep Cleaning key benefits.


Lower Your Risk of Gum Disease

Gum or periodontal disease impacts many adults over the age of 30. It’s caused by dental plaque formation. Deep teeth cleaning can remove bacteria and plaque. Our dentists use this technique to scratch tartar from the tooth enamel, which may help relieve gum disease risk. If your gum line is contaminated, the dentist can achieve a deep cleaning to treat the affected area. Relying on the harshness of your condition, you may need multiple appointments.

At Cornerstone, we offer deep cleaning treatment in Edinburg, TX, and other periodontal services, like bone grafting. Deep cleaning, or scaling and root planing, is suggested for patients with mild gum disease. Bone grafting and other methods are appropriate for those with more extreme symptoms, like bone loss.

Prevent Tooth Loss

Periodontal disease is a leading contributing element to tooth loss. Deep cleaning the teeth regularly may help control gum disease and its intricacies, including tooth loss and gum recession. This treatment not only saves against gum disease but also delays its progression. At the same time, it helps support the root of your teeth, which can further enhance oral health.


Get Rid of Bad Breath

Bad breath affects about 50% of the adult population. Its causes bacteria formation in the mouth to gum disease. Sometimes, this problem is due to smoking cigarettes. One of the advantages of deep cleaning is that you’ll have fresh breath. During a deep cleaning appointment, your dentist will remove plaque from below the gum line and then use an antibiotic to water the area. It may help remove the causes of bad breath, be it bacteria or plaque formation.


Relieve Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity can make it hard to chew food and enjoy cold or hot drinks. Many times, this situation happens when the gums have reduced. Teeth grinding or clenching and poor dental hygiene may play a part, too. A deep cleaning may reduce tooth sensitivity. While it’s likely to have more sensitive teeth after deep cleaning, this result is temporary. Your teeth and gums will become healthfuller with regular treatment.

Deep Cleaning In Edinburg, TX

The possible benefits of deep cleaning the teeth don’t end here. This treatment may also decrease teeth stains and enhance your smile. Plus, it’s fast and effortless. Contact us today to schedule your appointment at our dental office in Edinburg, TX.

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