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When You Should See An Emergency Dentist

Emergency Dentistry Edinburg

Accidents that impact your teeth, jaw, or gums can occasionally happen. In other instances, hidden oral issues that initially go undetected may suddenly manifest and cause terrible pain and agony. Dental problems could result in additional complications and the need for complex treatment methods if left untreated.

As a result, you ought to think about seeking treatment at a local dentist. Consider looking for an emergency dentist in your area if you have a dental emergency at night and your dentist is not available.

It is a dental emergency if the condition is excruciatingly painful, irritated, or puts you in danger of infections and other consequences. Not every dental emergency calls for prompt action. However, some dental issues are so painful and uncomfortable that they simply cannot wait until your dentist is open during regular business hours. 

You may need an emergency dentist nearby if any of the following apply:

Warning Signs You Need An Immediate Dental Appointment

Missing or Broken Tooth

While engaging in recreational activities, playing sports, or even going about your everyday business, you may knock out a tooth. You may endure extreme pain, agony, and occasionally bleeding when you break or knock out a tooth. To receive emergency dental care, you should call a dentist.

If your tooth is knocked out, you need emergency dental care immediately to save it. After making an emergency appointment, you can begin by picking up the tooth, cleaning it gently so as not to irritate the nerves in the root, and storing it in milk. Alternatively, try putting the tooth back in its socket or keeping it in your saliva.

Bring the tooth with you to the dentist’s office, and apply an icepack to the afflicted area of your face to relieve discomfort and swelling.

Toothache And Swelling Without A Cause 

A dental abscess or unexplained swelling in the mouth may indicate a gum infection. In the worst-case situation, mouth cancer may cause swelling. Therefore, you should call your emergency dentist in Edinburg for immediate care if you have intense pain or swelling that does not subside after two days.

While you wait for treatment at the dentist’s office, you can apply an ice pack to the sore area to lessen swelling. However, you should refrain from utilizing over-the-counter medications to treat pain. If you have an abscessed tooth, you can gurgle with clove oil to lessen the searing pain.


Active gum bleeding could be a sign of an infection. Additionally, a gum injury occasionally results in significant blood loss. The dentist can identify its origin when bleeding and make urgent treatment recommendations.

Use a tea bag or a piece of gauze to help blood clot and lessen bleeding. If the bleeding is coming from a socket, bite down on the teabag and refrain from exerting yourself in a way that would make the bleeding worse.

Loose Dental Fillings Or A Cracked Crown

A cracked dental crown may be visible or palpable. Otherwise, you can taste coins in your mouth. The flavor could be from a cracked crown or a missing dental filling. You may occasionally get mouth injuries and biting issues if you neglect the dental crown. You might be susceptible to getting root canal infections if not addressed. To avoid developing additional problems, you should seek emergency dental care.

Emergency Dentistry In Edinburg

For some types of dental damage, an emergency dentist’s assistance is essential. For instance, it makes little sense to visit a conventional dentist if you are experiencing virtually intolerable oral pain due to teeth being knocked out in a slip and fall, sports injury, or auto accident. Professional intervention from an emergency dentist is essential to relieve the pain, restore the mouth’s functionality, and prevent the patient from ending up with a smile they are reluctant to flash in public. 

If the oral health issues mentioned above are not treated, they will deteriorate and may require intensive therapy in the upcoming weeks, months, or even years. If you are looking for emergency dentistry in Edinburg, visit Cornerstone Periodontics & Implant Dentistry today.

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