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Why Choose Emergency Dentistry For Broken Tooth?

Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentistry for Broken Tooth

You should never shy away from calling an emergency dentistry service when you need it more urgently. Take, for instance, a fractured tooth. It can be aesthetically uncomfortable and may harm your self-confidence. Also, a broken tooth can cause oral health problems. The dentist can handle these issues fast and deliver the service you require.

How Does Teeth Break?

Teeth are the most powerful substance in the human body, some individuals may think they are invincible. Unfortunately, this is not the fact. Poor oral hygiene is one of the most significant culprits for suffering tooth impairment. A lack of brushing and flossing can cause tooth decay and infections. If these issues continue, teeth can start to break or damage. Even healthy patients can suffer a cracked tooth. A blow to the face can drive this. Tooth injuries are not unusual in contact sports, falls, or car accidents. Biting into something as hard as a spoon, a pen, or certain foods can also damage teeth.

The Consequences

Some people feel embarrassed about their tooth’s quirkiness. A person with this attitude may not want to be near others. However, the oral health effects are more crucial. A broken tooth lends itself nearer to oral infections. Damaged teeth can also make it difficult for people to eat or even speak correctly. Broken teeth can rub against the individual’s gums or tongue, driving soreness and pain.

Why Do Patients Choose Emergency Dentistry?

The sooner a person restores a broken tooth, the more likely their complete health and functionality can return. An emergency dentist in Edinburg, TX, can see patients on the same day of the damage or incident took place. Appointments are not required. Plus, a dentist that can handle dental emergencies has better knowledge and training of critical procedures.

Getting a Crown

To ease pain or preserve the tooth, the emergency dentist in Edinburg, TX, may put a temporary crown over it. This process starts with X-rays and an examination. The dentist will grind the tooth using a tool so that the temporary crown can fit over it. This cap will hold the tooth from getting cracked more. It will also help relieve the pain and discomfort the patient is going through. You can also anytime schedule an appointment with our dentists at our dental office in Edinburg, TX, to get a permanent crown.

Placing a Filling

For small cracks, the dentist may only require putting a filling in the tooth. Other fractures may only need some bonding material to create up the tooth. In the latter, the emergency dentist in Edinburg, TX, will rub the tooth after this procedure to be sure that the tooth does not cut the gums or tongue. If the patient chooses a crown or a veneer, this procedure can take place later.

Quick Repair & Relief

Breaking a permanent tooth can be frightening and stressful. The good news is that an emergency dentist near you in Edinburg, TX, is available to help. You can keep the form and function of your damaged tooth with a visit to our emergency dentist in Edinburg, TX. You should never delay a visit at this point. Prompt action can help you preserve your smile and feel well.

Emergency Dentistry In Edinburg, TX

There are several reasons to choose emergency dentistry service in Edinburg, TX. Dental emergencies are unexpected and can happen anytime anywhere. If you need emergency dental care, our dentists are always available to help you in your urgent need, you just need to contact us & directly reach our dental office in Edinburg, TX.

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